[rrd-users] Re: update conversion...

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Dec 13 00:34:23 MET 2000

Christian Pearce wrote:

> Is there any documentation on what rrdtool update does when converting
> from the commandline arguments to doubles?  I was looking at the code and
> it looks like for COUNTER's and DERIVE's it calls rrd_diff which strips
> non characters.  Is this true?

You mean: non-numeric characters.  Yes, that can be seen in the
ultimate documentation: the source.  See rrdtool/src/rrd_diff.c 

> I guess my question is, is it safe to do> something like
> rrdtool update rrd.rrd NOW:1024K:20K:20
>                                ^---^---- NOTE

Guess so.

rrdtool create try.rrd --step 10 DS:x:COUNTER:60:U:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:10
rrdtool update try.rrd N:10K
sleep 10
rrdtool update try.rrd N:20K
sleep 10
rrdtool update try.rrd N:30K
rrdtool fetch try.rrd AVERAGE -s end-20
 976663880:        NaN
 976663890: 9.0909090909e-01
 976663900: 9.7272727273e-01
 976663910:        NaN
In other words: it processed the input as if it were without the k.

> Though wouldn't it be neat if RRDtool did the conversion for you?

RRDtool is designed to handle any input, not only numbers. It currently
cannot process it.  This does mean that it should be able to alter
RRDtool to accept any input (and thus also the 1024K form).

> thoughts comments

IMHO transforming 1024K to 1024000 (or 1048576 ???) is something for
the front end.  That's my HO.  Yours may be different, in the end it
is Tobis O that will win :)

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