[rrd-users] Re: correcting data in the rrd fiel using dump/restore

Peter Baumann Peter.Baumann at commcare.ch
Wed Dec 20 11:16:00 MET 2000

Hi Patrick

I had exactly the same problem. 
The problem was that I also put 2E+06 into the <max> value of the rrd. But this value is in BYTES/S !!
So 2 Mbit/s would be a value of 256E+3 and you will get your limitation of 2Mbit/s in the RRD.



>>> Patrick Ammann <Patrick.Ammann at nextra.ch> Wednesday, 20. December 2000 11:00 >>>


I'm just using rrd to monitor a lot of Router Interfaces.
The problem i got is the following.

Sometimes there are some reboots of the routers or other strange thing 
so that i can see a peak of up to 60MB on a physical 2Mbit line.

     <name> out </name>
     <type> COUNTER </type>
     <minimal_heartbeat> 740 </minimal_heartbeat>
     <min> NaN </min>
     <max> 2.0e+06 </max>

     <!-- PDP Status -->
     <last_ds> 2520966830 </last_ds>
     <value> 6.0714531365e+05 </value>
     <unknown_sec> 0 </unknown_sec>

Many thanks for your help.


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