[rrd-users] timezones per graph

John Gmeinder jgmeinder at metlife.com
Mon Feb 7 13:21:20 MET 2000

Oops, I see my problem is a bit different.  The problem is not in creating the
graphs, it is in the aggregate.  When I store a MAX, based on 12 counters, it is
starting at real time 0, not my timezone 0.  What I am looking to do is get the
MAX for my timezone 0-11 (a.m.), and 12-23 (p.m) .  Can I do that, and graph it
based on my timezone?


orig message:
When I graph the detail counters from my rrd, it adjusts for my timezone
(TZ=EST5EDT).  When I graph my MAX counters it does not seem to adjust for my
timezone.  Am I missing something?

Platform NT4, rrd 1.0.10.


rrdtool create ..\data\users.rrd --start "01/31/2000 00:00"       \
--step 3600 DS:allusers:GAUGE:7200:U:U DS:acsusers:GAUGE:7200:U:U      \
RRA:AVERAGE:0.9999:1:168 RRA:MIN:0.9999:12:120 \
RRA:MAX:0.9999:12:120 RRA:AVERAGE:0.9999:12:120

graph1: (adjusts for TZ)
rrdtool graph ..\graphs\users_2day.png -a PNG -s end-96h     \
--title="Startrak Users Hourly Sample"   \
DEF:allusers=..\data\users.rrd:allusers:AVERAGE    \
AREA:allusers#FF0000:All_Users     \
DEF:acsusers=..\data\users.rrd:acsusers:AVERAGE    \

graph2: (does NOT adjust for TZ??)
rrdtool graph ..\graphs\users_2wk.png -a PNG -s midnight-5d \
-e midnight-1d --title="Startrak Users 2wk am-pm max"   \
DEF:allusers=..\data\users.rrd:allusers:MAX   \
AREA:allusers#FF0000:All_Users     \
DEF:acsusers=..\data\users.rrd:acsusers:MAX   \

Thank You

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