[rrd-users] rrdcgi - how to access %ENV ??

Jesper Skriver jesper at skriver.dk
Mon Feb 21 20:35:39 MET 2000


I'm considering moving from my hacked perl program to rrdcgi, but I need
to restrict certain users to specific interface statistics, so I need 
access to the environment of the cgi program, so I can use the 
REMOTE_USER env string.

My ideas is if user 'jesper' is allowed to see statistics for a
interface, the I'd add a symlink for the corresponding rrd file in a
directory like /data/users/jesper/

And then use a DEF like

DEF:ifInOctets=/data/users/<RRD:ENV REMOTE_USER>/<RRD::CV router>.<RRD::CV ifname>.rrd:ifInOctets:MAX

Where <RRD:ENV REMOTE_USER> would be substituted by jesper ...

I cannot use the CGI variables, as I cannot trust them, but the
REMOTE_USER, I can trust ...

I've been looking a bit at the code, but as I'm not a C programmer, I
think I'm unable to add this functionality to the code, at least without
some help ...


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