[rrd-users] Small problem concerning rrd updates

Alexander Reelsen ar at rhwd.net
Fri Feb 25 17:43:13 MET 2000


I think this is one of the smaller problems I stumbled over. Anyway I
didn't find a solution until now.
Some days ago I started my first attempts using rrd. Now I wanted to
update something via Perl (RRDs) and I get the following error when
"951496100:312568.71:162750.28:0.00:0.00:12595.90:17192.30 ")

RRD error: illegal attempt to update using time 951496100 when last update
time is 951496740 (minimum one second step)

Can't I update a value again, when another value after this has been
already defined or do I have to do a trick or doesn't it work at all?
And, what exactly does "minimum one second step" mean? I couldn't bring
this in a useful context with my tries to edit the data.

MfG/Regards, Alexander

Alexander Reelsen            http://joker.rhwd.owl.de
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