[rrd-users] i can¡®t use the rrdtool in crontabs on SUN Solaris

juer at 990.net juer at 990.net
Tue Feb 29 13:43:50 MET 2000

i write a program as following .It 's running correctly as a command line , but It can't run when i use the crontabs on sun solaris ( user: root):

use lib qw( /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.7/lib/perl );
use RRDp;
use BER;
require 'SNMP_Session.pm';
# some magic to find the correct rrdtol executable
if ( -x "/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.7/bin/rrdtool") {
   RRDp::start "/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.7/bin/rrdtool";
} elsif ( -x "../bin/rrdtool") {
   RRDp::start "../bin/rrdtool";
} else {
   RRDp::start "../src/rrdtool";

# Set $host to the name of the host whose SNMP agent you want
# to talk to.  Set $community to the community name under
# which you want to talk to the agent.  Set port to the UDP
# port on which the agent listens (usually 161).
$session = SNMP_Session->open ($host, $community, 161)
    || die "couldn't open SNMP session to $host";


push @enoid , $oid2;
if ($session->get_request_response (@enoid)) {
    ($bindings) = $session->decode_get_response ($session->{pdu_buffer});

    while ($bindings ne '') {
        ($binding,$bindings) = &decode_sequence ($bindings);
        ($oid,$value) = &decode_by_template ($binding, "%O%@");
$line="update $RRD N:".$value1;
RRDp::cmd $line;
$answer = RRDp::read;
             print &pretty_print ($value), "\n";
} else {
    die "No response from agent on $host";



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