[rrd-users] Re: 14all.cgi question

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Mon Jan 31 18:24:35 MET 2000

In article <38956050.6516B5A9 at epo.nl> you wrote:

>> > Is-it possible to use Unscaled[ezwf]: dwym with 14all.cgi ?
>> Yes. Just try it.
> Don't work, I used 14all.cgi 0.9

cvs log -r0.11 14all.cgi 

revision 0.11
date: 1999/12/21 09:57:29;  author: rb1;  state: Exp;  lines: +33 -4
* added Unscaled functionality

Bye ... Rainer

PS: I wanted to say: "You need a newer version of 14all.cgi" ;-)
Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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