[rrd-users] Re: gigabit interfaces

Gellatly, Laurie Laurie.Gellatly at vodafone.com.au
Fri Jul 7 01:10:39 MEST 2000

Using my OverTime application that uses HP OpenView as its collector
and RRDTool as its database and graphing facility I don't think I 
will have too many trobles about my SNMP framework
not understanding the various versions of SNMP. If the agent on the
switch/hardware has a problem then that is a manufacturer problem.
My comment still stands, from machines I've seen that DO NOT SUPPORT
ifHC... under ANY SNMP version and yet have interfaces that support
>100Mb. The fact that some switches do is great and those companies
certainly make our lives in network management easier. So, you can
see that using OpenView as my frontend certainly has its advantages.
Just need the various polled agents to provide the data.

BTW from the recent discussion about counter wrapping and machine
restarts, Openview checks on sysUptime and calculates the differences
for me (allowing for counter wraps - provided you poll frequently
enough still) so all the data is collected as "GAUGE" and eliminates
a lot issues in recent discussions.

			...Laurie :{)

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>>>>> "gl" == Gellatly, Laurie <Laurie.Gellatly at vodafone.com.au> writes:
> All we need to do now is have the manufacturers with Gig interfaces
> always provide IfHCInOctets etc and the world will be simple.  In my
> experience, too many machines have higher speed interfaces without
> providing the 64bit counters to support them!

Don't be so quick to blame the vendors... as I said, SNMP agents that
let you access Counter64 variables using SNMPv1 are buggy.  This is
stated quite clearly in RFC2576, section

   The impact on multi-lingual command responders is that they MUST NOT
   ever return a variable binding containing a Counter64 value in a
   response to a request that was received using the SNMPv1 message

So you have to use SNMPv2 or SNMPv3 to access the 64-bit counters.  As
long as Cricket doesn't have a supported way to select SNMPv2 (which
is implemented in the underlying Perl SNMP library), it's not easy to
make use of Counter64 variables which are implemented correctly (such
as those in Cisco's SNMP agents).


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