[rrd-users] Graphs pilling only half the space

Bjørn Nordbø bn at nextra.com
Fri Jul 14 16:09:06 MEST 2000

When I plot a graph, the graph itself only fills half the available
space (ie. the bottom 50% of vertical space). This only happens on
some graphs, and I can't figure out why (which probably means that
I am doing something incredibly stupid somewhere). This is one of
the commands that fails:

rrdtool graph dings.png -a PNG -s -400d -e now \
 --vertical-label "Bytes per Second" \
 --width 400 --height 100 \
 DEF:temp0=dings.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE \
 DEF:temp1=dings.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE \
 CDEF:plot0=temp0,8,* \
 CDEF:plot1=temp1,8,* \
 DEF:temp2=dings.rrd:ds0:MAX \
 DEF:temp3=dings.rrd:ds1:MAX \
 CDEF:plot2=temp2,8,* \
 CDEF:plot3=temp3,8,* \
 AREA:plot2#006600:In: \
 AREA:plot0#00eb0c:In: \
 LINE1:plot3#ff00ff:Out: \

It looks a little ugly as it is put together by a program which does
not care how it looks. :) This command produces the flawed graph I
mentions above.

I use rrdtool-1.0.24 on Solaris 5.6.

Can anyone help?

Bjørn Nordbø  -  IP Development  -  Nextra Norway

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