[rrd-users] 14all CGI for RRD

Jason D. Jordan guru at swami.pcguru.com.au
Fri Jul 28 01:28:36 MEST 2000

Hello Folks,

Apologies for being slightly off-topic, however I have a problem with
14all - a CGI script which is uses rrdtool to generate graphs in real-time.

The author is not replying to email so I was hoping people in here might
have experienced a similar problem.

My email to the author follows:



I'm having a small problem with 14all.cgi version 1.0p13

The first time I load a page my graphs give the red error message saying the
graphs cannot be created.
If I immediately reload the page - all the graphs appear.

If I enable DEBUG - the error message is as follows:

RRDTool error: bad format for [G]PRINT in '(%6,2lf%%)'

Upon a reload, the graph is shown with no error.

I am running under Windows NT4 SP6 with ActiveState Perl.  This hasnot been
an issue under previous versions of 14all.cgi.

There does appear to be some relationship with the graph legends also
failing to render properly.  Some details are missing from the drawn graphs.

Also, for Frame Links, I define ABSMax as my total available bandwidth and
MaxBytes as my CIR, however it fails to draw the red line at the MaxBytes
data point.





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