[rrd-users] Hov the get max and average values for an interval

Bjorn Nordbo bn at nextra.com
Fri Jun 9 14:45:04 MEST 2000

I am working on a utility similiar to 14all.cgi) that aims to imitate
the way MRTG presents information. The idea is to have different modes
to return the various dynamic information like last updated, last, max
average-text and the graph itself.

Anyway, I can't figure out how to to get the max and average values
from the RRD. Conceptually, I would like 'rrdtool fetch' to do this:

$ rrdtool fetch dings.rrd AVERAGE --start -1d
105613 5331357

Where the numbers returned are the average values for the two data-
sources of dings.rrd (is the order of these fixed?) for the last
24 hours.

I'm well aware the this is not the way 'rrdtool fetch' works, but
this is the kind of functionality I'm looking for.

Is this possible to do with rrdtool? I would really like to avoid
fetching, say two years worth of data and compute these values in
Perl as rrdtool would probably do this several orders of magnitude
more efficient.

Any help appreciated!


Bjørn Nordbø  -  IP Development  -  Nextra Norway

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