[rrd-users] Some advice.

Winton Davies wdavies at goto.com
Sat Jun 10 22:19:17 MEST 2000


  I think I have it - it was the heartbeat variable that was wrong - 
it needed to be > than 24 hours, rather than =.

Next thing - the FETCH command is now working, but instead of a bunch 
of nice integers, they have been
changed to float's which are obviously some kind of interpolation 
between the actual data I entered....
Can someone explain this - how do I avoid this, or is it just giving 
me the points between ? Looking
at the dump though, it definitely seems to have lost the original 
data I put in, which means I couldn't get
the price point right.

Let me explain again perhaps. Once a day (at some time during the 
day), I find out whether the price
of commodity C is $X dollars. Next Day (again sometime during the 
day, not the same time), I find out
it is $Y dollars. The day after it might be $Y dollars again.

I want the graph/data to show that all through the day on day 1, the 
price was X, and then Y on day 2 and day 3.

I'm sorry to be obviously abusing RRDTOOL's strong points in data 
flow graphing etc, but everyone has
told me RRD is the best tool for what I am trying to do.


rm new1.rrd
rrdtool create new1.rrd  --start  929217466 --step 86400 
DS:price:GAUGE:86500:U:U RRA:MAX:0:1:365

rrdtool update new1.rrd 929217467:60
rrdtool update new1.rrd 929303867:67
rrdtool update new1.rrd 929390267:93
rrdtool update new1.rrd 929476667:69
rrdtool update new1.rrd 929563067:94
rrdtool update new1.rrd 929649467:93
rrdtool update new1.rrd 929735867:59

rrdtool fetch new1.rrd MAX --resolution 86400 --start  929217466 
--end   929735867


  929145600: NaN
  929232000: 6.6999518371e+01
  929318400: 7.1373356481e+01
  929404800: 8.8963055556e+01
  929491200: 7.3205150463e+01
  929577600: 9.3831793981e+01
  929664000: 8.7280995370e+01
  929750400: NaN
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