[rrd-users] Re: RRDs::graph

Bjorn Nordbo bn at nextra.com
Tue Jun 20 10:18:36 MEST 2000

Roger.Wiesmann at swisscom.com wrote:
> I'm having trouble on how to use the RRDs::graph Function.
> Can somebody explane me how to hand over the relevant data and
> how the *.gif will be created.
> It would help me to see it in a perl sample with comments.

I'm no prifessional rrdtool-user, so feel free to correct my errors...

Anyway, you use RRDs::graph() just like the equivalent command line
utility; just put the arguments in an array from but not including
the 'graph'. Like this:

$ rrdtool graph flumf.png -s -2000m -e now DEF:ds0=flumf.rrd:....


RRDs::graph('flumf.png', '-s', '-2000m', '-e', 'now', 'DEF:ds0=flumf.rrd:...

And of course, the commands above are not complete.

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