[rrd-users] Graphing total bandwidth usage

Simon Amor simon.a at webfusion.co.uk
Thu Mar 2 16:44:31 MET 2000


 I've just started using RRDtool-1.0.13 to log byte counts for each port on
each switch so we can monitor bandwidth for each server. The values are
combined in/out bytes instead of separate, but this isn't too much of a
problem. When I try and graph the information, I end up with what looks like
deltas rather than absolute values.

The rrd was created using:


Data gathered from snmpwalk via a perl script is added every 5 minutes using
RRDs::update("s1g1.rrd", "N:$data");

rrdtool fetch s1g1.rrd MAX shows a number of values, but they're all
floating point instead of being a 32bit int. What am I doing wrong?

To graph the data, I'm using:

rrdtool graph s1g1p1.gif --start -86400 DEF:in=s1g1.rrd:p1:MAX

Which RRA is it actually using to display the graph?

Simon Amor
simon.a at webfusion.co.uk

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