[rrd-users] Re: Help with spikes

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Mar 9 00:01:29 MET 2000

Jon Rust wrote:
> Okay I'll admit it: I know very little of rrdtool. I'm using it 
> through mrtg+rrd. In the config file, you tell it to use rrdtool, and 
> voila, you're now an rrd user. If the limits weren't set, it's a, um, 
> small, um, "missing feature" of mrtg+rrd. My mrtg configs definitely 
> have max values in them.

Knowing little of rrdtool is not a shame.  Just make sure it doesn't
stay that way.  Once you've seen the power of creating your own scripts
to combine graphs etcetera, you'll start to really like it.

Yup, 14all is work in progress.  Most features are included, some aren't.
Then again, those spikes should not occur under normal circumstances,
they will occur if the counter wraps at "strange" boundaries or if the
counter is reset.

RRDtool can work with counters that go up to 2^64-1.  This is
18,446,744,073,709,551,615  erm, well, a lot.

If a counter reset or wrap occurs and rrdtool doesn't know this, it
might think that a huge delta has occured.

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