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Tue Mar 14 11:31:16 MET 2000

In article <38CDFCF1.20102A15 at turbomeca.fr> you wrote:

> my ($time,$step,$names,$data) = RRDs::fetch($filePath,"AVERAGE",
>        "--start","now",
>        "--end","now");
> Two data points are returned:
> Tue Mar 14 09:00:00 2000 (953020800) av=6178.09084612431
> Tue Mar 14 09:05:00 2000 (953021100) av=NaN
> Will fetch always return an extra NaN data point?

You requested the values for 'now' which was something between
"Tue Mar 14 09:00:00 2000" and "Tue Mar 14 09:05:00 2000" (in epoch time:
953020800 and 953021100). If you give 953020800 as start and end time you
will get only one value. If you request a value for a time which isn't in
the rrd file (*) you will get the value fetched before and after that time.

You can get the time of the last value with "rrdtool last".

Bye ... Rainer

(*) this definition is very blurred but I think you'll get the point
Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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