[rrd-users] segmentation faults using perl & RRDs::update.

WebFusion System Administrator simon.a at webfusion.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 18:26:55 MET 2000

RRDtool 1.0.13
Perl 5.005_03 (standard RedHat RPM)
RedHat Linux 6.0

I have a load of RRD files which each have a single value stored in
them. All the RRD files were created by the subroutine which updates
them. There are about 36-48 calls to write_rrdlog every 30 minutes, all
done within the same main script.

sample values are:

$mac = "00010209EE2F";
$data = 102884;

The subroutine called with the above parameters is:

sub write_rrdlog {
 $mac = shift;
 $data = shift;

 if (! -f "rrd/$mac.rrd") {
   print "Creating RRD rrd/$mac.rrd\n";
# Archive uses max value, archived for 336 x 30m (8d) (daily)
# Archive uses max value, archived for 384 x 2h (32d) (monthly)
# Archive uses max value, archived for 384 x 1d (384d) (yearly)
 print "RRD: $mac.rrd : $data\n";
 my $ERR=RRDs::error;
 warn "Error updating $mac.rrd : $ERR\n" if $ERR;

More often than not (about 9 times out of 10) it'll crash at the first
RRD write and die with a segmentation fault. Running it manually often
produces a crash as well as running it from cron.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

Best Wishes,

Simon Amor
Systems Administrator
simon.a at webfusion.co.uk

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