[rrd-users] Re: Fw: Reporting for multiple Routers at ATM VCC level

VenselK at aol.com VenselK at aol.com
Thu Mar 23 03:41:52 MET 2000

I've been working on a similar project, except I am just collecting data on 
TX & RX Cells on ATM switches.  If I understand your question, yes you can 
create an RRD with 20 variables and update all 20 every polling interval.

I've found that it was easier for me to have an RRD for each port on an ATM 
switch.  This gave me the capability to create another RRD for any new ports 
added to the switch.  Also, I am able to just stop updating RRD's associated 
with inactive ports or ports removed from the switch.

When I originally started, I tried the the 'single' RRD for the whole ATM 
switch, but found that my pea brain couldn't comprehend how to add/remove 
variables (DS) to an existing RRD.  I believe this (add/remove) can be done 
by using the 'dump' and 'restore' functions of RRDTool and there is even a 
utility (../contrib/add_ds) in the distribution to add a DS.  Hope my 
rambling helps.

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