[rrd-users] syntax of RRDs::create

Olivier Daury odaury at epo.nl
Mon Mar 27 15:12:39 MEST 2000



I'm not sure, I understand exactly the syntax to create an RRD.
In this example:
RRDs::create ("$timeFile", "--step", 300, "DS:time:GAUGE:3600:0:U",

I think I will collect data every 300 s. A data will become unknown after
3600s (1h). The minimum limit is 0. There is no maximum limit.
I defined 4 archives: 
the first one stores 1 entry every 1*300=5 minutes during 1*300*600=180000s
the second one stores 1 entry every 6*300=30 minutes during 6*300*600= 12,5j
Am I right ?
What's the meaning of 0.5 in RRA:MAX:0.5:1:600 ?

I want to keep one entry each 5 minutes, for 7 days and an entry each 30
for 2 weeks.
Is the syntax bellow correct ?
RRDs::create ("$timeFile", "--step", 300, "DS:time:GAUGE:3600:0:U",

Again, I put 0.5 but I don't why :-(


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