[rrd-users] Re: Moving Average

Tobias Weingartner weingart at cs.ualberta.ca
Mon Mar 27 23:01:39 MEST 2000

On Sunday, March 26, "Scott McCrory" wrote:
>     A little while back a user requested information about how to display a
> moving average of values using the graph function and you mentioned that a
> CDEF command such as MAV could be implemented to do this.  I wanted to add
> my vote for such a function unless moving averages can be graphed using
> existing commands.  My boss is very much impressed with what I've put
> together with RRDTool but since our graphed values tend to be spikey, a
> moving average would be useful in helping us determine long-term trends of
> these spikes.  Thanks again for your time and wonderful tool.

I think that would be me.  :-)  In the process of writing a patch to
implement this, I ran across what looked like another out-of-bounds,
uninitialized string/memory error type of SIGSEGV.  I've got it tracked
down pretty well, but it's hard to explain.  Also, about 2 days after
I had it tracked down (and sent a rather sketchy description of it to
Tobi O.), I got rather busy with work, and have not gotten back to it

If someone wishes to finish the job, I think I should be able to dig
up the patches I have, etc...


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