[rrd-users] Re: Execution of rrdtool in a perl CGI

VenselK at aol.com VenselK at aol.com
Tue Mar 28 17:12:00 MEST 2000

>Hi there
>I am having problems executing rrdtool in a cgi (written in perl) on Windows
>NT IIS Server. Does anybody know how to execute executables with perl cgi
>scripts ?

Try reading the doc...http://www.microsoft.com/TechNet/iis/Tips/runcgi.asp.  
This doc specifies using "PERL for Win32 Build 316" and "PerlIS Build 305".  
Can't tell you how those will work for you.  I am using ActiveState PERL 5.22 
(www.activestate.com).  If you install this AFTER you have installed IIS, it 
will add the necessary settings to run your PERL scripts under IIS.

The ".../runcgi.asp" doc shows a graphic of the file extension mappings to 
executable path.  It shows '.pl' files mapped to 'C:\PERL\bin\PerlIS.dll'.  
You will see the settings a little different if you install ActiveState:

    .pl -> C:\PERL\bin\perl.exe
    .plx -> C:\PERL\bin\perlIS.dll %s %s

Therefore, naming your scripts with the '.plx' extension will tell IIS to use 
perlIS.dll to execute the scripts, and '.pl' files will be executed by 
perl.exe.  From what I've read, perlIS.dll is supposed to better the 
performance for IIS.  I had a problem where my RRD scripts for graphing 
stopped running unexpectedly when using perlIS.dll.  I was able to get better 
stability using perl.exe with IIS.  I can't tell if there is any performance 
difference.  Hope this helps...Goodluck

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