[rrd-users] Trouble using TIME in rrdtool graph

Pete Mckenna pmckenna at oss.uswest.net
Thu May 25 18:13:25 MEST 2000

When I try to plot TIME I get a level horizontal line instead of the
expected left to right upward slope. Am I missunderstanding the function
or is there a problem with TIME ?  If I used NOW I would expect a level
line but not with TIME.
I got the same results with the perl module and the command line
versions of rrdtool graph. The timestamps for the file in question do
increment as they should.
I also tried it on several .rrd files.

I'm using version rrdtool-1.0.20



%rrdtool graph /usr/local/www/data/cricket/calling_area/scrap \
? "DEF:a=$RRD1:ds0:AVERAGE" \
? "DEF:b=$RRD1:ds1:AVERAGE" \
? "CDEF:time=a,0,*,TIME,+" \
? "LINE2:time#FF00FF:time  " \

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