[rrd-users] Anyone made RRD-tool create PNG:s on HPUX 11.00.

Jakob Ilves jakob.ilves at oracle.com
Mon Nov 20 15:17:22 MET 2000

Hello everyone!

This is not a request for people to solve my problem.  I just trying to
find out if anyone already has slain this dragon and if not, how hard it
is to slay it when I eventually have the time.

The problem:  I've at two occasions downloaded and compiled RRDtool
(version 1.0.19 and 1.0.28) on HP-UX 11.00.  First time (rrdtool 1.0.19)
I got it working with some troubleshooting, second time (rrdtool 1.0.28)
it went flawlessly, except for one tiny little glitch (which I
encountered also when compiling 1.0.19...)

The glitch is: rrdtool refuses to create PNGs.  GIFs was created without
hazzle, but PNGs either caused a "libpng error: read error" or they
caused a direct segmentation fault in the subroutine deflate_fast() in
deflate.c in zlib.  I've dived into the code and looked at the stack
backtrace so I've understood what the program tries to do but haven't
figured out why it failed.  I bet the same code runs fine on Linux
(haven't had time to test, sorry).

Has anyone more than me compiled and used RRDtool on HP-UX 11.00?  If
so, did PNGs work on your first try?  If not, what did you do to make
them work? Or perhaps you never succeeded in making PNGs work?  Please
answer in direct email and not to the list as there might be a few
answers.  (I'll provide a summary of the answers for the list).

Best regards


PS.  This is phase 1 in slaying this bug, so I don't include all the
MRTG configs, version numbers for MRTG and compilers and rrdtool,
RRD-file dumps, GDB stackdumps, my shoe-size, etc for you gurus to
scratch your ching about.  But in phase 2 however... ;-)

                (Jakob Ilves) <jakob.ilves at oracle.com>
             {Oracle Global IT, Network Management Group}
[Office as well as mobile phone: +46/8/477 3666 | Fax: +46/8/477 3572]
         - Intranet Home Page: http://jilves.se.oracle.com -

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