[rrd-users] Re: Monitor only an IP

Alexander Reelsen ar at rhwd.net
Tue Nov 28 14:53:12 MET 2000


On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 10:41:16AM -0200, Michel A. S. Pereira -
KIDMumU[InLove] wrote:

>     Hi, I wanna to monitor the traffic generated by an unique IP.
>     There's a way to do this?
According to your signature I guess you're using Linux. The most simple
way is to create an accounting rule and to read the packet/byte counters
out of /proc/net/ipfw_chains and put it into your RRDtool archive.

I wrote a small perl script for this, along with a CGI script to watch the
stats, a perl script to create the accounting and a nice config file. I've
put all this together on a little page available under
Currently it only works with 2.2 kernels, but I'm on the way of doing
a similar thing for 2.4.

Be warned: Installation can be troubleful due to insufficient
documentation (I will do it better with the 2.4 tool!). If you have
problems with the config file (or any other), feel free to mail me.

MfG/Regards, Alexander

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