[rrd-users] Re: couple questions..

Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Fri Oct 27 00:50:26 MEST 2000

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 06:31:23PM -0400, Daniel R . Kilbourne wrote:
> Why reinvent the wheel? 
> Can't you just use MRTG if you want mrtg-like attributes?
> Miles Peterson extolled:
> > 
> > OK, ive got an RRD Graph made up, it works the way I want it to, but I
> > want to expand it to be more like MRTG with the weekly, monthly and yearly
> > graphs.. after grappling with this for about 10 hours I still cant figure
> > it out.. could someone try to explain this a little bit better then the
> > manpages/tutorials do?  Thanks

  If you want something like MRTG, but using RRD databases, I would
recommend either:
   Cricket - designed from ground-up to offer MRTG-like functionality
     but more efficiently and in a kind of generalized design.
or MRTG - the new version which uses RRD files for data storage.

  RRD is more of a low-level tool for building applications like MRTG
on top of.

  Even if you've got a good reason for wanting to invent your own
tools, you might want to look at Cricket for how it sets up the RRD/RRA
databases, as the answer to the immediate question you asked.  The
basic concept is that you put multiple RRAs with different time frames
and possibly different consolidation options (AVERAGE/MAX) into the
single RRD file.
  -- Clifton

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