[rrd-users] Re: using rrdtool with weather data

Chris Snell chris at bikeworld.com
Tue Oct 31 19:49:03 MET 2000

At 12:37 PM 10/31/2000, Greg Satz wrote:

>Wind speed could be a gauge or a counter. Total wind isn't very interesting
>so it doesn't have the same issue as rain. However it is nice to see
>maximums (gusting). It looks like the MAXIMUM consolidation function would
>keep this information. If the wind is a counter (wind rate), can I still get
>the absolute number (kph or mph)?

I'm sort of half-working on a wind data grapher for my weather station (see 
http://bronc.blueaspen.com/weather.html).  The graph will be in the form of 
a circle.  Each wind reading will be represented by a point on that 
circle.  The distance from the center circle will represent the wind 
velocity and the wind direction will be indicated by the "bearing" of the 
point.  In other words, a northerly wind of 3 miles per hour will be 
represented by a dot that is three units from the center of the circle on 
an imaginary line from the center of the circle to the very top of the 
circle (ie., north).  Ideally, my grapher will pull data from an RRD file 
(GAUGE format).

On a side note, I've been pondering the possibility of implementing some 
alternate charting styles for RRDtool.  I think bar charts, pie charts, and 
scatter plots would be nice to have.  Thoughts?

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