[rrd-users] rrdtool Factor question

Davey Rance daveyr at gis.co.nz
Tue Oct 31 21:09:10 MET 2000

can any one explain with a little bit more detail what this factor that was
mentioned by Rainer.

My problem is that I have some graphs from rrdcgi that don't seem to be
scaled correctly.  Eg there is a 100 M/bit link that has the same amount of
data going through it as a 1G  G/bit link.

To try and make this a little bit clearer.  I have two 100 M/bit ports that
are sending data.  One at 80 M/bits and one at 40 M/bits.  The interface
that is receiving these two streams is a 1 G/bit link and this is only
saying that it is receiving 100 M/bits.  So what is happening to the other
20 ??  If this sounds as incoherent as it seems as I am typing it I can post
a graph showing the incoming and outgoing data of the ports on a graph.

I am using MRTG as the data collector and SNMPV2 counters to graph the data.

RRDTOOL is 1024 on Win 2k.
MRTG is 2.9.2


>First the answer: There is a setting "factor" which can be set for a
>target. I'm not really sure about the effect when not using rrdtool
>(oops). With rrdtool this is not used by MRTG. 14all multiplies the
>values from the rrd file for the graphs, so it might be just what you

>Factor[fore-xx]: 53

>(if you use 14all v1.0 use the setting "UseRRDTool[..]: factor: 53")


Davey Rance

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