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Gellatly, Laurie Laurie.Gellatly at vodafone.com.au
Thu Apr 12 02:08:48 MEST 2001

It might be easier to consider the problem this way:
How do you create a single RRD that stores three sets of values
the min,avg and max and then the consolidated versions 
of those. At present the consolidation seems to only
allow one CF (say average) to be applied to all DSs. i.e.
my 5 minute maxs become 30 minute average maxs instead 
of 30 minute max of the 5 minute max WITHOUT having
to store the avg of the max and the min of the max.

In table form I want to store RRAs for:

	Min	Avg	Max
Min	Y	N	N
Avg	N	Y	N
Max	N	N	Y

but it would appear that I need to ahve 3 sets of RRAs
that only differ in the CF field and then two of them
I'm not going to use. A create like:
DS:min... DS:avg... DS:max... RRA:min...1 (applies to all 
three DS above and I'd like it to apply to just the first)
RRA:min...6 (again it applies to all ) RRA:avg...1 (applies
to all and I'm only going to use it applied to DS:avg)...
etc etc. seems to be the only way I can do what I'd like at
present and still have a single rrd.

			...Laurie :{)

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Gellatly, Laurie wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to store three values, being the maximum, average and minimum
> response times measured. This I'm doing now. I'd then like RRAs that
> use consolidation of Maximum, Average and Minimum to correspond to the
> DS so that my consolidation is logically:
> the maximum of the maximums
> the average of the averages and
> the minimum of the minimums.

This is indeed the right way of doing it.

> Extending the definition of the RRA to read:
> RRA: CF[CF2,CF3..CFn]:xff:steps:rows
> so you can define your consolidation factor for all or for each DS
> would be great. I know that storage is cheap but when you start to
> multiply up the number of RRDs that would be involved and then there 
> is the processing of the data. 

I don't get this part.  In stead of storing
you propose to store (at least: that's what I make from it)
  vals:1st min, 1st avg, 1st max, 2nd min, 2nd avg, 2nd ....

This would only change the order of the numbers, not the amount.
So, either you're overlooking something or I am.

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