[rrd-users] Re: Graphing Data from win2k / RS-232 Serial Cable ??

Patrick Bartkus patrckb at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:59:11 MEST 2001


>From: "Reinhard Weissenbrunner" <reini at leox.net>
>hi, all,
>I´ve been testing RRD-Tool a few days now, and I have to say:  Wow  ;-o
>cool tool..

It is an amazing tool isn't it.

>But what about all the other data which can be graphed over time, like
>temperature, pressure
>and all the other technical Stuff where we can get data from ?

All these could be captured and graphed.

><The first Experiments>

Congratulations on your first graphs!

><The next step.>
>The next step ahead is: collecting the data "automatically"..

Oh boy, oh boy! Here is where your knowledge will get to grow. You are going 
to get to learn some great perl in doing this.

>Im sure, this small problem has been coded in perl many times,
>so, why re-event the wheel.?.
>Could you please give me some hints/tips to a "greenhorn" ?

I suggest the "Perl Cookbook" by Christiansen and Torkington. It is good 
reading to go through just to see new and more advanced techniques are done 
and has a lot of real-world examples that you can cut and paste into your 
own scripts.

><And now, the Challenge>..
>There are many Technical  Measurement-Instruments with a
>"RS-232" Interface... so, why not obtaining data via  "serial cable" ?
>Or can you give me some hints, where to start, when listening to a "Serial
>Cable" ?
>where are the "hurdles" which are awaiting me ?

You are adventurous!

Serial port programming is probably one of the most challenging of all the 
"network-type" programming. I've attempted just enough "for fun" to know I 
didn't have the time to try and work out all the issues.

A lot will depend upon the device to which you are connecting. It will 
depend upon how forgiving it is on which RS-232 signal is present when. It 
will also depend upon the serial port out which you are speaking. What I was 
attempting was using an old desktop PC, loaded Linux on it, and wanted to 
use the COM 1 serial port to talk to a console port of a device. I ran into 
many issues of locking up the console, locking up the Linux box, etc, etc.

Here is one link to a Linux Serial How-to: 
http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Serial-HOWTO.html and then here's another 

You've got some great ideas, Reini. Keep plugging on the perl skills and 
you'll be writing those really fun scripts in no time!

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