[rrd-users] Re: fetch & resolution

Matthew Bostwick mattb at hive.54.org
Sun Apr 29 01:40:45 MEST 2001


thanks for your help on all of this.

Just for your information, I didn't mean "threshold" I meant resolution.
:-)  I'm running cricket currently, with the collector set to 5 minutes.
The database dumps perfectly in 5 five minute intervals for a day or so.
I had no idea that rrdtool fetch had a 3000 minute (180000 sec) limitation
on it.  If someone gets some free time, it'd be great if you could throw
that up on the webpage sometime.

Right now I'm building a front end for rrdtool fetch in php.  I was just
running into a few mysterious problems.  Thanks for clearing them up.

Thanks for your help again, it was appreciated.


On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> Matthew Bostwick wrote:
> > I'm having problems keeping a correct threshold.  I'm following the rule
> > of keeping the start and end time in multipules of the resolution, however
> > I'm consistently getting these weird two hour blocks.
> I don't know why you're talking about a threshold. Nothing else
> in your mail refers to this ?!?
> > (time/resolution)*resolution=new_time
> This is only part of the entire rule set...  The most important one is
> that the data must be in the database for you to be able to fetch it...
> > Sample commands & values
> > rrdtool fetch file.rrd AVERAGE --resolution 300 --start 986112000 --end
> > 988441200
> You try to fetch (988441200-986112000)/300 = 7764 rows.  How many rows
> does your database have for the 5-minute RRA ?  Suppose you only have
> 600 rows (the default if you use MRTG-like RRDs), you can only ask for
> 600*300 = 180000 seconds worth of data in a 300-second resolution.
> Any more and RRDtool will automatically override your resolution setting.

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