[rrd-users] GPRINT max/average discrapancies

Day Dreamer jmansukh at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 2 02:28:42 MET 2001


I just installed MRTG w/ RRDtool and 14all.cgi.  They
are running but the mininal, maximal, average, and
current numbers displayed on the bottom of the graphs
are questionable a bit.

I can see that these are printed w/ for the test OC3

rrdtool graph test.png \
-s -9day -e now \
-a PNG -w 400 -h 100 -b 1000 --alt-y-grid \
-c MGRID#9e9e9e -c GRID#9e9e9e  \
DEF:in=test.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE  \
DEF:out=test.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE  \
CDEF:fin=in,8,*  \
CDEF:fout=out,8,*  \
CDEF:pin=fin,19375000,/,100,*,8,/  \
CDEF:pout=fout,19375000,/,100,*,8,/ \
DEF:min=test.rrd:ds0:MAX  \
DEF:mout=test.rrd:ds1:MAX  \
CDEF:fmin=min,8,*  \
CDEF:fmout=mout,8,*  \
AREA:fin#00cc00:Incoming_Traffic\l  \
LINE1:fout#0000ff:Outgoing_Traffic\l  \
GPRINT:fmin:MAX:"Maximal_In  %8.3lf %s"  \
GPRINT:pin:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)\n"  \
GPRINT:fmout:MAX:"Maximal_Out  %8.3lf %s"  \
GPRINT:pout:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)\n"  \
GPRINT:fin:AVERAGE:"Average_In\:  %8.3lf %s"  \
GPRINT:pin:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)\n"  \
GPRINT:fout:AVERAGE:"Average_Out\: %8.3lf %s"  \
GPRINT:pout:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)\n"  \
GPRINT:fin:LAST:"Current_In\:  %8.3lf %s"  \
GPRINT:pin:LAST:"(%6.2lf%%)\n"  \
GPRINT:fout:LAST:"Current_Out\: %8.3lf %s"  \

I only have data points for 3 days worth so any
additional days graphed are NaN or flat line as
expected.  However, is I graphed this w/ "-s -10day"
as suppose to "-s -9day" I will get different pin:MAX,
puut:MAX, and other figures slightly between the

So, how exatly does GPRINT gather the data w/ cf set
to MAX, AVERAGE, and LAST?  

In this example, pin is obrtain from DS=ds0:AVERAGE. 
So, even though I'm performing GPRINT w/cf set to MAX,
it should still give me the largest data point within
ds0:AVERAGE, right?  

Also, when I calculate the percentage in and out for
the maximal number for In and Out traffic, since I
only have data for 3day, it shoudn't matter whether
I'm searching the Max from within 10 or 9 days of
data.  Because the data set should be the same except
for the additional NaN.  Then why would I get
different calculated values?

Please help.  I want to understand this properly.  I
searched the archive and the manual but didn't find
enough explanation on the GPRINT function pertaining
to this.  Thanks.


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