[rrd-users] Re: GPRINT doing something weird

James Mancini jmancini at netreo.net
Wed Dec 19 21:11:06 MET 2001

This is the ancient scaling riddle again.

300 milli-Gigabytes is non-intuitive, but it IS correct, 300 Megabytes or .3
Gig. RRD tends to try to keep the values out of the decimal realm and so
will autoscale .3 Gig to 300 milli-Gigs.

If you let RRD do _ALL_ the scaling, it works fine. That is, if you send
'3,000,000,000' to RRD, it will scale it to 3G, and then when you send
'300,000,000' it will scale it to 300M.

But if you send '3' and '.3' instead, and change your unit title to "G",
you'll get wacky values like '300mG' and similar.

We had this problem with Ping results - if you send them in ms, then
microseconds come out as 'mms' instead of 'us'. You have to send them in
seconds and let RRD do the scaling for it to read correctly.


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