[rrd-users] Y Axis problem with some rrd files

Mike Rowen rowen at berbee.com
Thu Dec 20 18:26:48 MET 2001

I am confused by a a scaling problem. I have about 200 rrd dbase files.
Each one contains only a single data variable that represents the
percent active of a disk drive. The percentage is passed as an integer
to the rrdtool update command. This value is always between 0 and 100.
Out of the 200 files, there are a handful that are giving me trouble
when I graph them. The file I'm using for an example has a high point
under 2%. 

If I graph against the rrd for a short period, it correctly displays the
Y axis with a max of 2.0. If I look beyond a week or so worth of data,
the Y axis scale shows the same data point as 600 m. Can anyone help me
figure out why this is happening? When I do a dump of the rrd file, the
values look correct.

This command gives the correct scale that I expect:

/usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph grafX.gif \
--start 1006223200 --end 1006502804 \
--title "DISK ACTIVITY" \
--vertical-label "Percent Active" \
DEF:hdisk57=hdisk57.rrd:active:AVERAGE LINE2:hdisk57#AA0000:hdisk57

This command causes the scale to leap to 600 m.

/usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph grafX.gif \
--start 1005223200 --end 1006502804 \
--title "DISK ACTIVITY" \
--vertical-label "Percent Active" \
DEF:hdisk57=hdisk57.rrd:active:AVERAGE LINE2:hdisk57#AA0000:hdisk57

The rrd file was created using the following:

/usr/local/bin/rrdtool create hdisk57.rrd --step 900 \
        --start $START \
        DS:active:GAUGE:1800:U:U \

Mike Rowen
<rowen at berbee.com>

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