[rrd-users] how does rrd ahndle router reloads ?

Patrick Ammann Patrick.Ammann at nextra.ch
Mon Feb 5 11:32:38 MET 2001


I just was wondering how RRD would handle router reloads. Currently i'm 
monitoring some cisco routers (interfaces, memory etc.). The problem i had 
is that from time to time i can see some peaks in my graphs and i couldn't 
find a reason for this peaks. First i thought there were some warps of 
counters but i was told that RRD can handle those warps. SO i looked closer 
to the database and now i'm sure that the peaks occur every time a router 
reloads. The peaks are really confusing me because the graph i attached is 
from a physical 2 MBit line so there is no way to have a 50 MB peak on this 

Did anyone made the same experiences like i did ?

I think that the problem could be solved when there were some min and max 
values but the capacity of the leased lines is changing quite often and i 
don't want to set all the min and max values each time. Is there another 
way to get rid of this problem ?

Is it possible to let the RRD check if the actual value of octets is 
smaller than the last one stored in the database and if so just put a NAN 
in the database ? This would cause a missing value and also counter warps 
won't be handelt with this change but in my case this doesn't occur very 
often so i prefer loosing one data sample instead of makeing the hole graph 

Is there a simple way to modify the RRD Source ? Anybody did it already or 
does anyone have a better solution ?

I just attach the graph and the datafiles in kind of someone want to look 
at the datas.

Thanks for the feedback.

Patrick Ammann
Nextra (Schweiz) AG <www.nextra.ch>
Tel: +41 31 985 88 24
E-Mail: <mailto:patrick.ammann at nextra.ch>
see Disclaimer <http://www.nextra.ch/signature_nw.html>

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