[rrd-users] Re: Percentages in RRDTool

Chris Marlow marlowc at us.ibm.com
Mon Feb 12 21:02:00 MET 2001

     >Is there any way to fix the way the percent values are displayed
     >based on what you advised below?  For example;

     >We base our graphs on BYTES per HALF HOUR.

     >I'm only graphing input Octets in this example.
     >100 megabits = 13107200 bytes
     >13107200 = total amount of bytes that can fly by in 1 second.

     >13107200 * 1800 = 23592960000 bytes should be able to fly by in 1

     >now divide 23592960000 / 2 since we are only doing input octets.

     >11796480000 / 100   = 117964800

     >now 117964800 should equal the amount of input octets i can
     >receive in 1 half hour.

     >"GPRINT:${i}${foobar}p:AVERAGE:%6.2lf%s%% \\n";

     >If the AVERAGE for the graph = 44.96 MBphh
     >The GPRINT command shows  381.09m%

     First, try taking out the %s in thAVERAGE line, this shows the "m"

     then, if you still get percentages over 100, take the CDEF, and put
,100,/ at the end...

     Let me know how it works.

     >I would like it to show 0.38%.   I believe this is called
     >fixed value on a scientific calulator .

     >Any ideas on how I can make this happen?

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