[rrd-users] graphing averages over a week?

Paul Slootman paul at murphy.nl
Wed Feb 14 15:54:30 MET 2001

I'm using RRD to log things like load average, memory usage,
number of users, etc.  This gives pretty graphs which show
e.g. that the load depends on the number of active users.
However, I can now only show the data for a given day; what
I want to do is for every timespan (e.g. 12:00-12:10), average
the numbers of Monday-Friday, and then display a single grpah
so that the average load at a given time can be seen.

Any ideas on how to do that? only thing I could think of was
extracting the numbers for each timespan on each day myself
and averaging those myself, and then plugging that into a
temp RRD after which the graph could be generated. However,
this sounds a bit inefficient, and I thought that perhaps
there is a readily available way of doing this?

Paul Slootman
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