[rrd-users] Graph 0x0

Asimina Dimitriadou mina at ccf.auth.gr
Tue Feb 20 11:46:30 MET 2001

Altering the *.cfg file, I've managed to create an *.rrd db file
that updates normally and looks like this:

                  ds0           ds1

 982578000: 6.5660333114e+03 4.6758617978e+04
 982578300: 3.8502332777e+03 2.1268740753e+04
 982578600: 2.4833525610e+03 5.9487650387e+04
 982578900: 3.3378523443e+04 3.1967492390e+04
 982579200: 2.5167577038e+03 1.9112304270e+04
 982579500: 2.7365723322e+03 1.8954451197e+04
 982579800: 1.1729663427e+04 1.1226265623e+04
 982580100: 5.6431668889e+03 1.9686623022e+04
 982580400: 1.5670120268e+04 5.9328666687e+04
 982580700: 2.8558728787e+03 5.6703396452e+04
 982581000: 3.2284723424e+03 3.6901194573e+04
 982581300: 3.5358037482e+03 1.0851617111e+04
 982581600: 1.9621757562e+03 1.5939310769e+04
 982581900: 2.1014905229e+03 3.3541929209e+04
 982582200: 2.2457185922e+03 1.3747154746e+04
 982582500: 3.6021819072e+03 1.1544228251e+04

So far, so good.....Then I tried to generate a graph:

/usr/local/rrdtool/bin/rrdtool graph test.gif /
DEF:in=cisco16.1.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE /
DEF:out=cisco16.1.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE /
--start 982578000 --end 982582500

and I get back 0x0, which I can't translate into an error :(

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

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