[rrd-users] Re: graphs

steve rader rader at ginseng.physics.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 20 16:27:35 MET 2001

 > From: "Cody Brugh"
 > Can someone point me in the right direction or give me a example on his to
 > put like the numbers down on the legend of the graph where like there is t
 > he
 > color and the description of what the color stands for.  I want to like pu
 > t
 > the number rrd gets for example: like this graph...
 > http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/rrdtool/gallery/steve-01.html
 > see how it has a bunch of numbers down by the legend.. thats what I want t
 > o
 > do....

the rrdcgi code follows my sig...

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systems & network guy                                         "Hard!?"
high energy physics           If it were easy, everyone would do it...
university of wisconsin                   hard is what makes it great!
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   <RRD::GRAPH SomeNameServer.1day.gif
     --imginfo "<IMG SRC="/nrg/dns/%s" WIDTH="%lu" HEIGHT="%lu">"
     --start -86400
     --vertical-label "queries/sec" --lower-limit 0.0 --upper-limit 1.0
     AREA:q_in#00ff00:"queries in   "
     GPRINT:q_in:AVERAGE:"%6.2lf q/s ave"
     GPRINT:q_in:MAX:"%6.2lf q/s max"
     GPRINT:q_in:LAST:"%6.2lf q/s last\n"
     STACK:q_out#0000ff:"queries out  "
     GPRINT:q_out:AVERAGE:"%6.2lf q/s ave"
     GPRINT:q_out:MAX:"%6.2lf q/s max"
     GPRINT:q_out:LAST:"%6.2lf q/s last\n"
     LINE1:q_total#000000:"total queries"
     GPRINT:q_total:AVERAGE:"%6.2lf q/s ave"
     GPRINT:q_total:MAX:"%6.2lf q/s max"
     GPRINT:q_total:LAST:"%6.2lf q/s last\n"

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