[rrd-users] Re: Graph like functionality when fetching data

Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Tue Feb 20 20:21:25 MET 2001

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 11:16:42AM -0600, Philip Molter wrote:
> The RRD manpage for rrdgraph says this:
>   Apart from generating graphs, it can also extract numerical reports.
> Is this referring to the GPRINT instructions or, is there an ability
> to fetch the data from graph DEFs and CDEFs?  What I'm really
> looking for is the ability to specify to 'rrdtool fetch' the files
> and DSs that I want to pull data from, and have it combine that
> data in new and interesting ways (like I can do with the graphing
> methods).
> Right now, for example, if I have three interfaces (in separate
> RRD files) and I want to know my total traffic for those three
> interfaces, I can specify the three DEFs in the files, specify a
> bunch of CDEFs, and then graph the data.  I can even go so far as
> to get the MAX, MIN, AVG, etc. values of particular CDEFs, and
> print them onto the graph using GPRINT.

Yes, you can also "print" them, not to the graph, with PRINT.  When
using the embedded perl hooks to rrdtool, the results of the PRINT
command are simply returned as an array of values to the calling
program.  This is how Cricket (for instance) gets its Current/Average/
Max values for display on graph pages.  Try "man RRDs" for more info.

  -- Clifton

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