[rrd-users] Understanding RRD's; Question #2

Dave Bodenstab imdave at mcs.net
Fri Feb 23 06:36:21 MET 2001

I'm trying to understand what's going on with rrdtool
so I've been creating a test rrd file and examining
the results.

My second question is really a gripe.  Why, since I
can use human-readable times for rrdcreate and rrdfetch,
why not for rrdupdate?  It's very awkward to have to
figure out a numeric timestamp, especially since I
apparently have to take into account my local timezone
(see my previous question #1.)

Rrdupdate should be changed to accept an AT-STYLE time
in addition to a numeric time stamp.  I realize the
current syntax would be confused by a ':' in a time, but
just use a different delimiter for the AT-STYLE time.
Seems to me that any of the following would work:

  # If the 1st char is '(', time is AT-STYLE to next ')'
  $ rrdtool update test.rrd "(1:05 pm):<value>:<value>..."
  # If "::" is found, it delimits the AT_STYLE time
  $ rrdtool update test.rrd "1:05 pm::<value>:<value>..."
  # Use '@' as a delimiter for AT-STYLE time
  $ rrdtool update test.rrd "1:05 pm@<value>:<value>..."

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