[rrd-users] Re: understanding RRD's; 5 questions

Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Sat Feb 24 03:32:07 MET 2001

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 06:31:08PM -0600, Dave Bodenstab wrote:
> > > Seems to me that with this, I could just adjust my times
> > > in such a way that my local-timed data would be plopped
> > > into the correct utc-time time slots.
> >
> > Last Sunday in March, 02:30 local time.
> > Last Sunday in October, 02:30 local time.
> >
> > How would you handle these two times?  (given the fact that
> > daylight saving time starts at 02:00 and ends at 03:00)
> >
> > I don't think there is a better solution than to use hourly
> > RRAs.  You want hourly precision, don't ask for daily precision.
> Since I just picked up the rrdtool package and am just beginning
> to play with it, I'll have to defer to you since you know the
> system far better than I.
> Anyway, it just seems that since rrd wants utc times, it would
> be nice to have a way to enter them directly without dealing
> with the local time issue.
> Thanks for your consideration.

I also agree - I think this would be a very useful featurelet, FWIW.

Getting the documentation on this expanded a bit would help greatly
too, though.  I remember I had posted about this some time back,
because I couldn't find out anywhere whether the @ times were
interpreted in UTC or in local time, and didn't get a response.  In the
end I did my own tests to figure it out.

  -- Clifton

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