[rrd-users] Re: Archives and missing data (NaN)

George Dau gedau at isa.mim.com.au
Sat Jan 6 05:18:22 MET 2001

Ok, so I should use xff for preventing NaN's to wipe out my consolidated
data. That will meen changing hundreds of rrds, as oposed to changing and
re-compiling one program. Still, I'll go with the xff.

Where is this set? I cant see it with rrdinfo. I can't see it if I rrddump
the data to xml and examine that.

If I dump an rrd, and then restore it, what is the xff set to? 

rrdtune and rrdinfo don't mention xff. The only place I see it mentioned is
at create time. Do I have to create a new rrd and then load the data into
it? Will restore over-write the xff?

I am doing some testing, and will be able to answer these myself given time.
If anyone knows the answers though, please send them.

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