[rrd-users] Re: Converting ASCII logs to RRD

Rainer Bawidamann Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de
Mon Jan 8 10:08:03 MET 2001

In article <jUsT.aNoTheR.mEsSaGe.iD.9787806278341 at www.malevolence.com>,
	shwaine at malevolence.com (Shwaine) writes:
> I have a game (LP Mud) which wishes to have a graphical output of our
> usage statistics. I have well over a years worth of data stored in
> ASCII files that I'd like to convert to RRD format in order to produce
> live webpage statistics and reduce game strain caused by people using
> the in-game commands (which are coded in a language parsed through the
> game engine so they are inheriently slower and more resource intensive
> than something at shell). I can not lose this data (starting a new RRD
> file is trivial). I can not use "rrdtool update" to accomplish this
> since it will not accept a time that is before its last update
> (according to the error message that my Perl script spammed when I
> tried to convert the files using update).

Create the rrd file with a start time before your first data sample (in
the lp mud log). Then call rrdtool update in chronological order (with
the appropriate time). Eg.

   rrdtool create x.rrd -s 300 -b now-1y DS... RRA...

(order is important for the update calls!).


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