[rrd-users] Fail at " use RRDs;" in cgi script in IIS

Leo Le lle at socccd.cc.ca.us
Mon Jan 8 23:29:58 MET 2001

Hi all,
I gave up. I spent several days and still glueless. Please help!!!
I upgraded rrdtool from ver1007 to ver1028 for Wintel .
Under perl 5005 and rrd1007, I wrote 2 Perl scripts, one to read SNMP
values and update the rrds, one is cgi script with a form so users can
select to see graph on any particular rrd.
When upgraded to rrd1028 with perl v5.6, etc... every perl scripts run
OK except the THIS cgi one.
# in script\cgi-bin
use lib qw(c:\\rrd107\\arch\\auto\\RRDs c:\\rrd107\\lib);
#use lib qw(c:\\rrd1028\\perl-shared\\blib\\arch\\auto\\RRDs
c:\\Perl\\bin c:\\Perl\\site\\lib\\auto\\RRDs
use strict;
use CGI qw(:standard);
use RRDs;
Here is the problem:
if I ran ( execute ) the script from cgi-bin directory using a web
browser, it would display error
at C:\InetPub\scripts\cgi-bin\testrrdnew.pl line 7 BEGIN
failed--compilation aborted at C:\InetPub\scripts\cgi-bin\testrrdnew.pl
line 7.
If I comment out the new use lib and use the old use lib
qw(c:\\rrd107\\........) then it ran fine ( a cgi form displayed on the
web browser ).
But if I copy the cgi script to inside perl directory, ran it from the
server side, then the script with the NEW use lib qw( c:\\rrd1028.....)
ran OK, meanwhile the one with the use lib qw(c:\\rrd107...) get BOOT
TRAP unmatch error ( this is expected, OK ).

Here are my question:
Why the script "use RRDs "could not read in the RRDs at compile time in
CGI mode ( ran from web browser ) but it read in RRDs fine if the script
executed at the web server, outside cgi-bin dir.
The cgi script read " use RRDs " OK if I use OLD use lib qw (
c:\\rrd107....), no mismatch problem in the PM.?
How can I modify the @INC ?
I manage to print out the $ENV(PATH), it is C:\perl

Your help would be appreciated.

Leo Le

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