[rrd-users] Re: Gap in right of graph

Aragon Gouveia aragon at cyberhost.co.za
Sat Jan 20 16:37:44 MET 2001

I thought it had something to do with that. I tried what you said but I
still get that gap sometimes. I'd say every second graph update (I'm
using -z as well so not all the graphs update every 2 minutes). I tried
setting the endtime to now-240 (and greater) and still the same thing.
Sometimes there's no gap, sometimes there is.


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> Aragon Gouveia wrote:
> > The database gets updated every 2 minutes. At the same time, a new graph
> > each RRA gets drawn every 2 minutes. However, every graph without a step
> > 1 gets a gap between the beginning of the graph and the boundary of the
> > graph canvis. It makes it appear as if there is no traffic in that gap
> > when there is. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyway to get rid of
> > those leading gaps? Sometimes the gaps are there, sometimes not. I've
> > seen some other sites using rrdtool to do graphing and they also have
> > in the same place on some of their graphs.
> I assume you mean the right hand side of the graph.
> If the last known value in your database is at, for instance, 14:54:00
> and you create the graph at 14:55:30, there is no traffic *in the RRA*
> for the interval 14:54:00 to 14:55:30.  This is the gap you're seeing.
> The way to get rid of it?  Just graph until 14:54:00, not "now".
> If your front end does something like
> "rrdtool graph x.gif DEF:.... " etcetera, change it into:
> TIMENOW=`date +%s`
> rrdtool graph x.gif --e $TIMENOW DEF:.....
> The 120 in these calculations is the same as the interval for the
> smallest RRA.
> cheers,
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