[rrd-users] This i do not get.

Jan Johansson spamfilter2 at mupp.net
Sun Jul 1 20:53:20 MEST 2001

I feed a ABSOLUTE ds with a value of about 50 - 200 every 5 mins, but when i
graph it it seems that the real value is only somewhat under 1.0?  Even
amplifying it 10x doesnt seem to help?

/usr/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/html/rrd.mupp.net/statistiksenastedygnet.gif
-t "Närvaro på kanalen under det senaste dygnet" \
--start $((`date +%s`-86400)) \
--end `date +%s` \
-v "Antal personer" \
-c BACK#FF9900 \
-c CANVAS#FF9900 \
-c GRID#333333 \
-c FRAME#FF9900 \
-c SHADEA#FF9900 \
-c SHADEB#FF9900 \
DEF:linea=/home/bdsmse/rrd/bdsmse.rrd:totalt:MAX AREA:linea#999999:"Totalt"
DEF:lineb=/home/bdsmse/rrd/bdsmse.rrd:s:MAX LINE2:lineb#00FF00:"S" \
DEF:linec=/home/bdsmse/rrd/bdsmse.rrd:d:MAX LINE2:linec#0000FF:"D" \
DEF:lined=/home/bdsmse/rrd/bdsmse.rrd:oppar:MAX LINE2:lined#FF0000:"Oppar" \
DEF:stemp=/home/bdsmse/rrd/bdsmse.rrd:words:AVERAGE \
CDEF:snackfart=stemp:10,* \
LINE2:snackfart#000000:"Snackfart" 1>/dev/null

Whats wierder is that

 rrdtool fetch /home/bdsmse/rrd/bdsmse.rrd AVERAGE -s $((`date
+%s`-3600)) -e `date +%s`
                   totalt         oppar          d          s         words

 994009800: 1.0200000000e+01 3.0000000000e+00 6.2000000000e+00
4.0000000000e+00 1.0614965986e-01
 994010100: 1.0000000000e+01 3.0000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
4.0000000000e+00 4.9400000000e-01
 994010400: 9.2000000000e+00 3.0000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
3.2000000000e+00 6.1066666667e-01
 994010700: 9.8000000000e+00 3.0000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
3.8000000000e+00 3.3400000000e-01
 994011000: 1.0000000000e+01 3.0000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
4.0000000000e+00 2.9000000000e-01
 994011300: 9.2000000000e+00 3.0000000000e+00 5.2000000000e+00
4.0000000000e+00 3.0200000000e-01
 994011600: 8.2000000000e+00 3.0000000000e+00 5.0000000000e+00
3.2000000000e+00 3.8333333333e-01
 994011900: 8.8000000000e+00 3.0000000000e+00 5.0000000000e+00
3.8000000000e+00 1.3933333333e-01
 994012200: 1.1400000000e+01 3.0000000000e+00 5.8000000000e+00
5.6000000000e+00 3.2933333333e-01
 994012500: 1.2000000000e+01 2.2000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
6.0000000000e+00 4.6800000000e-01
 994012800: 1.2000000000e+01 2.0000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
6.0000000000e+00 4.4666666667e-01
 994013100: 1.2000000000e+01 2.0000000000e+00 6.0000000000e+00
6.0000000000e+00 5.3000000000e-01

It seems like it really IS entering numbers under 1.0.. and i know i am
pushing integers in the 5-200 range into the "words" column?

what might i be missing?

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