[rrd-users] Re: incomprehensible error msg!!

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Mon Jul 2 00:50:47 MEST 2001

Ronald Tse (ronald at vitagreen.com) wrote on 1 July 2001 15:01:
 >I believe you have to add some spaces to this:
 >% rrdtool create trafego.rrd -s 5\
 >% rrdtool create trafego.rrd -s 5     \

Yes!! Thanks, it was the ONLY line that I didn't notice the space was
missing :-(

It's running now, let's see if the results look fine. I'll take the
opportunity to ask a few things about rrdtool. There are design issues
that I don't understand.

First, I don't see the need to force users to define RRAs. Why the
hell can't we simple stash the data in there????

Second, why is it mandatory to use a consolidation function in
rrdfetch? Why can't we just get back the raw data?

Third, I don't like the idea of alignment of the data to the
predefined time steps. This should be optional. Better yet, it should
be optional in rrdfetch, not rrdupdate. This way you can choose the
feature without changing the data.

In summary, I find the idea of rrdtool very good, the implementation
tries to cover as much as possible (particularly with time formats!!)
and be very precise. These are excellent points, that's why I'm trying
hard to use it. However there are some aspects that look too much
intrusive to the user. Remember, the data is the most important asset
in there! I'm trying to use rrdtool to keep the data I want in the
format I want to be able to do a more heavy-weight analysis than just
gif pictures, which I cannot do with mrtg (or there is too much
overhead). That's why I feel my freedom is being somewhat limited.

If there are good reasons for this please speak up!

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