[rrd-users] Cryptic RRDTool error?

James Mancini jmancini at netreo.net
Thu Jul 5 22:04:05 MEST 2001

[[ Apologies to all if this comes in duplicated, apparently the first one
may have been sent with MIME/Base64 encoding and not everyone can read that.
My bad. ]]

Hello all,

When I try to use the RRDs::Graph function, the error I get is cryptic and I
can't find it in the documentation.I'm wondering if the RRD files got
corrupted somehow.

I've already tried deleting them and they're either getting re-corrupted, or
I don't understand what's going on -- Some of the other .rrd's created by
the same process are fine, while several (maybe .1%) of them give me this
error. The RRD in question has very little data in it, but usually RRDTool
just returns a NaN if I ask for something that isn't there, right?

Any help appreciated. TIA. PS: If it looks unusual, it's because I'm just
using the PRINT values returned and not actually generating a graph for

The error is:
	RRD ERROR: fetching cdp from rra

I'm calling it like this:
    ($data, $x, $y) = RRDs::graph @graphOpts;
     my $e = RRDs::error();

The @graphOpts variables are:
	-s -2000m

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