[rrd-users] graphing - format question

Patrick Ammann Patrick.Ammann at nextra.ch
Thu Jul 12 15:02:10 MEST 2001


i'm just using rrd to graph some routers and it works really fine but i 
would like to do the following.

when the png is generatet it should have a title, subtitle, the graph, and 
some comments. my problem is now that the subtitle isn't working and i have 
no idea how to make it possible.

i just attached an image so that you can see what i wanted to do
*  00828-ch-bsbsbi-cur-00.nextra.ch [FastEthernet0] [] *
* in smaller letters the requested 
subtitle                                        *
* teh graph with the legend 
here                                                     *

anyone did already something simmilar ?


Patrick Ammann
Nextra (Schweiz) AG <www.nextra.ch>
Tel: +41 31 985 88 24
E-Mail: <mailto:patrick.ammann at nextra.ch>
see Disclaimer <http://www.nextra.ch/signature_nw.html>

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