[rrd-users] Re: strange.... bug ?

Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Fri Jul 13 21:37:08 MEST 2001

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 08:21:32AM +0200, Jean-Edouard BABIN wrote:
> please look:
> http://jeb.dyndns.org/rrdtool/ADSL-day.gif
> i get data from snmp
> so it's strange...

Almost certainly, the device you are monitoring reset and the SMTP tool
did not recognize this, so displayed it as a huge value.
>  994978260: 1.2078045849e+06 3.1746652452e+01
>  994978320: 1.2078045849e+06 3.1746652452e+01
>  994978380: 1.2078045849e+06 3.1746652452e+01
>  994978440: 1.2078045849e+06 3.1746652452e+01
>  994978680: 5.9976114548e+06 4.2402182188e+01
>  994978740: 5.9976114548e+06 4.2402182188e+01
> go can i change this ?
> rrdtool update ADSL.rrd 994978740:0:42
> ERROR: illegal attempt to update using time 994978740 when last update time
> is 995008639 (minimum one second step)

  You can not update events in the past using rrdtool; you can only log
new data going forward in time.

  However, you can repair the data using separate utilities. Use the
"killspike.pl" script which you should find as part of your rrdtool

  Hope this helps,
  -- Clifton

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